A prayer for mechanical malfunction

May every gun involved in this stupid war jam – may every gas mask leak, every chemical weapon turn out to be less powerful than tear gas, every rocket end up a dud, every engine on every vehicle on both sides seize, every geartrain refuse to mesh.

May every smart bomb turn stupid, every carpet bomb unravel, every bunker buster end up falling on uninhabited territory.

In short – deprive both sides of their weapons, and let them fight it out by hand, if they must.

9 Responses to “A prayer for mechanical malfunction”

  1. phoenixforce Says:
  2. sheer_panic Says:
  3. phoenixforce Says:

    Glorious hand to hand.
    Bayonets fixed and swords drawn, that would truly be something to behold.

  4. brassratgirl Says:

    Yikes. That coming from you sort of makes me shudder. Like somehow, engineering knowledge equals engineering power, influence in the universe?
    Long live Murphy! He will triumph in the end, you know.
    And like I said last night, this too will pass.

  5. brassratgirl Says:

    I don’t think that’s quite what he meant *g*

  6. thisgirlrolls Says:

    do any of you have any idea how enormously stupid that sounds?

    and no i don’t read your journal.
    i found it surfing ljs randomly.
    hopefully, you’ve had smarter times.

  7. thisgirlrolls Says:

    OMG. I’m so sorry! I just posted that to the wrong lj! Lol. Forgive me and please delete that post if you can.

    Sorry, again.

  8. sheer_panic Says:

    I guess I don’t understand exactly what happened here. How did you manage to post a comment on a post of mine by accident?

    I don’t think I can delete comments, although I’m not that up on the whole LJ interface – maybe I can.

    Anyway, you’re right, it wasn’t a particularly well written comment. I was just frustrated, because the whole war is so wrong. grr.. I mean, I know it’s about oil.. I’ve known it was coming for years – I drive a electric car which I built a year ago with the express purpose of not helping to support the coming wars over oil.

    I’m not saying Saddam is a great guy. I’m saying that we’re handling this situation in precisely the wrong way.

    And, really, wouldn’t it be better – in terms of civilian casualties, the real evil of any war – for the troops to go at it hand-to-hand? Seldom does a martial arts fight or fist fight or even swordfight hurt innocent bystanders.

    Of course, prior to the Geneva Convention protocols (which bush seems to be trying to violate or do away with in every means possible) armies fought hand to hand, and they still often raped, plundered, and in general acted like the assholes that professional soldiers are trained to be.

    But in theory, if you could maintain the Geneva Convention protocols AND fight hand-to-hand you’d have a ideal situation, at least in terms of innocent lives not lost.

    Anyway, please explain how you accidentally posted to my journal? I’m genuinely curious..

  9. brassratgirl Says:

    Incidently, both of you can remove her comment. She can because she’s the author, and you can because it’s your journal. After you’re logged in, if you view the page, you’ll notice a little visual ‘x’ icon over the comments you can delete. New functionality and all.

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