Fairly recently, I helped in a data rescue operation following a backup that didn’t include everything it should have.

Yesterday, I got chewed out for running unauthorized fiber and not letting the SAN people do their jobs. I should point out that none of the SAN people were actually *there*, and I was, and it’s very hard to run fiber via a network connection.

Now, since I was the only person – as far as I know – who had any idea what port the fiber needed to be connected to, and since the fiber was already run – and since I stayed up until 1a working on this so that the missing data could be returned to it’s former home – and since no one else seemed to be lining up to coordinate this operation – being chewed out for it tends to piss me off. More to the point, it makes me inclined to let someone else handle the details next time something like this comes up.

What I’m trying to figure out is what exactly I can say to the chewer to make it clear to them that they have made a major mistake without actually getting fired.

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  1. dspisak Says:

    Tell the chewer:

    “Next time I’ll just wait for the shit to really hit the fan, that way someone else will yell at you first and then you will ask me to do what I did on my own when I saw no one else stepping up to the plate. After all, its just all of our most important data that wasn’t properly backed up.”

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