D18 draws to a close. DIdn’t get as much Brett-work done today as I had hoped, although I did get a con call and some more playing with Flex.

THe day counter keeps on incrementing.

I did get a quick studio session in, recording gangsta rap. This is pre-EQ, pre-compression, ‘by-hand-on-the-fly’ mixdown, but if you all want to hear some gangsta rap as recorded by Sheer Sound Studios, check out http://www.sheer.us/stuff/soloman/Soloman-YoungBlockTycoon.mp3

Just for you all’s amusement, I’ll leave it streaming in a playlist of other faves from various artists who have found their way down here on WSHR tonight.

Once more, remember, that URL is www.wshr.us or www.wshr.org – live streaming from Seattle, WA

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