Several have argued that the opposite of entropy is order. I don’t think this is true.. entropy isn’t a state – well, normally, although I suppose one could argue that my house is in a state of extreme entropy.. but order is. Order isn’t really normally thought of as a process, or a continuim (sp?), although I suppose that it is as well.

Anyway, somehow it just ‘feels’ like there should be a better word for a process by which things become more ordered, organized, etc..

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  1. randomdreams Says:

    Well, entropy is the progression of things from order to chaos, so you’re right, my suggestion wasn’t a great one. How about ‘organization’, then, in its verb sense — the application of energy to a system to increase its order. Although, of course, that hides the underlying truth that organization in one system necessarily implies greater entropy in the larger system that includes the energy source used for the organization.

  2. randomdreams Says:

    and by the way one of my physics teachers pointed out that a hard drive full of organized data is at a higher energy state than one that’s full of random bits. I’d never really thought about that, but he claims that it’s measurable (although I think that’s a kind of silly definition of ‘measurable’.)

  3. skotte Says:

    i agree with you here. and it’s an interesting point, and a good question. there doesnt seem to be a really swift word which encapsulates “the opposite of entropy”. Simplification perhaps? “Occam’s razor in action” perhaps?

    by the way, the word is “continuum”. since you asked.

  4. goamaki Says:

    well, isn’t entropy rather a “measure” than a state? there are various degrees of it, as there would be various degrees of simplification or Organization. One can be anywhere on the scale…

  5. goamaki Says:

    oh, and in knowing what side of the scale you might be on, will most likely determine how certain things in your life work, or don’t work. Some people work better on one end than the other. Some need to be right in the middle. I’m about Middle, hehe.

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