I remember once someone talked about one of the large risks of being a hippie / openminded individual was that I would come to believe in everything. She made this sound like a truly awful disease, but in truth, isn’t believing in everything a whole lot better than believing in nothing?

Fighting for peace is impossible. You can’t win. You can’t even break even. All you can do is perpetuate a feedback loop that is older than the human race. Why bother?

Better solution: Create for peace. Love for peace. Work for peace – either with your mind, or with your body, or both.

WHen I write what looks like advice to humanity in these pages, assume that it is meant mostly for me. Yes, I write advice for myself. Do you all mind? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. I’m surely one of the most broken creatures out there, and I aim to find my way to being whole, whatever it takes.

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  1. amberite2112 Says:

    read some Tom Robbins- ‘even cowgirls get the blues’, i think. it has a quote “i believe in nothing, everything is sacred: I believe in everything, nothing is sacred”.
    this place is the beginning of wisdom.

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