I tossed these two questions at my friend Cori, and she asked that I answer them as well.

1) What do you think the meaning/purpose of life is?
2) Of all the places you’ve been, what one thus far has been the most memorable for you?

1 is a particularly difficult one for me right now, because I’m feeling like there is no purpose and no point. But, I would say the purpose of life is to create and to love. And, I hope, to learn that love will always find a way.

2 – I think probably the acropolis in greece. I remember looking at the stones going up to the top which had been worn smooth with time and many, many, many visitors.. standing where some of the first great minds to pen down their ideas stood, and feeling the continuity through history.

Other places also stand out, of course.. but this is the one that first leaps to mind.

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  1. kayti23 Says:
  2. cori_chronicles Says:

    thanks for answering.

    i think you’ll find your raison d’etre once again. (i think i spelled that right) just be patient.

    i hope to someday see the acropolis. i can definitely see why that would stand out. what a monumental place!

  3. kayti23 Says:

    Munumental. The acropolis. Cute, very.

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