One of the things that I didn’t learn very early, that I Should have, is that one shouldn’t break up with a lover or think about breaking up with them just because one has a disagreement with them.. that arguments inrelationships are normal and natural.

I shoudl say, for the record, that I still want to be with P. even though I was hurt and somewhat insulted by her latest email.. (and that perhaps it is my own somewhat broken perspective that made me hurt and insulted by her latest mail)

I should also say, for all of you yelling at me, that the netfriend who I might want to share some physical contact with knows where I’m at mentally and how I feel about P. and where I am in my friendship with her and all of the above. I’m trying very hard not to hurt people here.

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  1. goamaki Says:

    I am not concerned with you hurting me or my feelings…I’m more concerned with YOU hurting YOURSELF…

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