Life’s like a movie..
write your own ending
Keep beleiving
Keep pretending
You’ve done just what you set out to do..

I had a really difficult night last night.. but I think I’m better now. At least somewhat better. I keep waiting for this to stop hurting.. defriending P. didn’t actually work because I still peek at her journal via URL, reading about her romantic getaways with J… I’m so stupid.

And I’m happy for her, that she’s moving on and finding her happy ending.. or at least happy next chapter.. and it’s about time I did so as well. Although.. it’s been less than a month, I think I can somewhat be forgiven for being unhappy. But can I be forgiven for calling, IMing, and emailing so many people last night?

Who knows. I presume my friends will tell me when I need to sit down and shut up. Actually, one of them kinda did last night 😉 But sometimes, you know, that’s just what you need to be told.

Humans are so silly. Can I pull a Aster, and become a flower? 😉 Actually, I think I’d rather be a dolphin.

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  2. l2g Says:

    Breaking up sucks. I sincerely wish you the best.

  3. anonymous Says:

    You can call me. Do you still even have my number?


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