It’s national protection from porn week.

I think I’m going to be sick.

I have BAD news for you, Dubya. This time, you’re pretty much on your own.

Hear that empty sound? That’s the sound of all the voters who’ve never looked at porn..

Really, this is pathetic. My first experience with porn was at age 14 – Dan, bless his generous soul, replied to my curiosity about the female form with a playboy. Shortly thereafter I discovered newsgroups, and found not just porn, but porn in my own personal flavor.

I really don’t think it warped me for life.

Of all the things our children need protection from, pornography is about #9999661863.

I mean, really. Sex happens, FUCKING GET OVER IT ALREADY! That goes for the rest of you right-wing whack jobs, too. Look, if God really does exist, then S/HE INVENTED SEX! Okay? So can you stop whimpering about how some human somewhere might be enjoying a bunch of ones and zeros that happen to render into a naked female body, and find something _meaningful_ to worry about? Like the wars on false pretenses? I think those are a lot worse than a few naked girls.. or guys..

[actually, that’s what Bush is really upset about. Gay porn. because he’s secretly attracted, and doesn’t want to admit it. Or perhaps because he’s seen some photoshopped picture which put his head on the body of someone with equipment that matches the size of his brain..]

Hm. I guess that was moving over into slanderous territory. This LiveJournal post is intended as humor only. I know nothing about the size of bush’s reproductive equipment. Standard disclaimer here.

No, really, this is SICK. After starting a war and spending (read: moving into Halliburtan’s pockets and hence Cheney’s) billions of dollars to repair the damages done with that war.. (not to mention the billions that war cost), Bush thinks we need protected from a few naked women?

No, my friends, we need protected from Bush.

You better all be registered to vote. You all don’t vote again and I’m going to kick your collective asses.

I’d like to think that between alienating gays and their friends with Marriage Protection Week and alienating everyone who can remember being 14 with Porn Protection Week, Bush is going to have a very, very shallow turnout at the polls..

.. but on the other hand, I’m sure he’s doing wonderfully with the religious right. In between this and the whole partial birth abortion thing..

Why am I still awake at 8 am? Well, I got wrapped up in some parking meters..

I had another good studio session with Ron, for which mp3s will be shortly forthcoming. We did a couple of multitrack recordings of much shorter duration.. and a couple of live improv bits which did not make it into multitrack format [hence there will be no edits, sorry folks, what you hear is what you get, distorted moments and all]

All in all, a good time was had by all and good sounds were again produced. (Well, *I* think good sounds were produced. And I’m sure Scott will like it – 😉

mp3s at


I’m going to go sleep now. I’ll wake up somewhere around 6 pm. 😉

I miss P.

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