Life as a gay football player

This should help remove any stereotypes any of you might have that gay people are more sensative or more intelligent.

Okay, I’m sorry, that was way out of line. But hell, it’s my journal, if I’m not allowed to be a asshole here, where am I allowed to be a asshole, eh?


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  1. sati Says:

    A not-so-secret of pro sports is that many many many players are gay. Unfortunately they have to still perpetuate the ‘image’ that is expected of them. Among all the ridicule, etc that they are apt to experience, out of the closet sports figures can lose millions in endorsements.

    Won’t comment on football players relative sensitivity or intelligence, neither will I comment on your own asshole-ishness, real or imaginary. 🙂

  2. jdcatron Says:


    I don’t find the comment assholic, merely “eh. what’s up with those stereotypes anyway”

    but this is said by someone who has become so unstuck on the subject of gender that having more than a slight preference for one or the other is difficult to fathom, and being freaked out by it completely confusing.

    But that’s okay, the world goes on anyway.

    But I have to say, he’s cute.


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