Entropy and human systems

So, I’ve been doing some more thinking (partially because of reading Einstien’s Fridge, which I’d recommend as a great read) about entropy and human systems. Specifically human systems tend to get progressively more corrupt as they age and/or grow larger until eventually they collapse and new systems are created out of their ashes. This is also true of individual human bodies.. our bodies run well for 30 years or so and then various forms of aging start to win – a form of corruption, if you will. And then, obviously, we die. Again with the reset.

Life in general seems like, while it’s not violating the laws of thermodynamics, it’s doing something funny on the stage of ordering information. Of course great writers and musicians and actors and whatnot are all ordering information in their own uniquely recognizable ways, and therefore resisting the tendency of the universe to slowly remove all ordered all information and move towards a totally random – and energy-equal – state.

It does make me wonder if it would be possible to create a religion that would do the *opposite* of growing steadily more corrupt, and what would have to be written into it to make it do that?

Interesting thought to mull over.

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  1. bunne Says:

    Religion, by definition, is based on faith in a higher power and organized religion is a series of codified tenets that the believer sees as supportive of those tenets and the benefits of their adherence thereto. We all know what we’re NOT supposed to do and why. Bad ideas produce bad results, especially big picture-wise. The structure of religion is designed to give the believer a roadmap of acceptable and unacceptable actions so they can navigate this life, secure in their beliefs that they are parsing their time here by adhering to the One True Way(TM). And it all comes down to one’s willingness to adhere to their particularar catechism. Orthodox Jews manage that quite well, IMHO. As do Muslims. There are over 600 iterations of Christianity. The only useful advice I can offer is – Play fair. Don’t be a dick. Be kind as often as you can. The power most people crave turns to dust and a few history books. Te big picture, indeed.

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