My religion, until further notice

1) Trust in love
2) Do what works

(This is based on the theory that the shorter the source code, the less likely things are to go wrong. Both the Christian and the Muslim God were bad programmers.)

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  1. Firesong Says:

    This is beautiful, and you are beautiful.

  2. Steve Seman Says:

    “As to the alleged existence of a “supernatural” being who creates and controls reality, no evidence or rational argument supports such a thing. Things in nature can be evidence only for the existence of things in nature (as, for instance, the fossil record is evidence for evolution); they cannot be evidence for the existence of things “outside of nature” or “above nature” or “beyond nature.” Nature is all there is; it is the sum of what exists; something “outside of nature” would be “outside of existence”—that is: nonexistent. Nature is not evidence for the existence of “super-nature.” There is no evidence for the existence of a “supernatural” being; there are only books, traditions, and people that say he exists. Evidence-free assertions, appeals to tradition, and appeals to authority are not rational arguments; they are textbook logical fallacies.”

    Article on Objectivism…

  3. Alderin Says:

    I’d be tempted to add: “Avoid Hate”

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