So.. now that we have computers and a pretty good mastery of statistics, if we had any common sense, as we recognize that the current police and criminal justice system is rotten to it’s core and needs disbanded and replaced, we would

A: figure out what the goals for a justice system should be (rehabilitation, restoration, and prevention, i think)
B: figure out how to measure those things
C: try *many different things* in *multiple cities each* – we might try community policing, having AIs watch the police, training police using techniques used in other countries, etc – I could easily come up with 5 things we should try each for the police, the courts, and the jails. Then by looking at success by the measures in A, figure out which system is the best and move all the cities to that system, and make a mental note to do the same thing again in 20 years.

I actually am thinking one of the things we need in general is some sort of circuit breakers built into the system of government that detect a excess of corruption and force a reset. Without that, people end up putting their thumb on the scales and before long we’re all enslaved by the least moral and most ruthless among us.

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