And, the scariest thought

Who is going to protect us from the cops after they’re defunded? If they’re the most violent criminals among us, they’ll still *be* there. Community policing isn’t going to protect us from the angry, feeling they should be more empowered than they are, wanting to crack some skulls ex-cops who will now also be homeless and hungry.

We need a massive organization to help bring them back to some kind of sanity.

2 Responses to “And, the scariest thought”

  1. Steve Seman Says:

    You seem to be lumping all police together (stereotyping leading to discrimination) and advocating that the reaction should be to make them homeless and hungry. This is akin to racism. How can you be a voice for a better world by letting your fear push you into the same mob mentality that you profess to abhor. I am disappointed that you are reacting emotionally and not logically…

  2. Firesong Says:

    I was going to leave this alone, because arguing on other people’s blogs isn’t a good look. But honestly, if you know him at all (and you ought to, given that you’ve known him longer than I have), you know he’s not *advocating* for people to be homeless and hungry. You must recognize that as one of his key phrases. He’s not saying that people *should* be that way — he doesn’t want *anyone* to have to go homeless and hungry — he’s saying that it’s a possible outcome for cops if the whole system of police collapses, and people with nothing to lose are more dangerous. It’s quite logical.

    By the way, equating a group that people choose to join and keep belonging to with an inherent quality such as race is also an emotional reaction, because it surely isn’t logical.

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