In the case of $person

I feel the need to say, if you are *seriously* thinking I would sexually assault you, have you ever thought of how much I would pay to *not have* the memory of having done so? Like, if someone were to ask me, “I’ll give you $1 million dollars but you have to have the memory of forcing $person to have sex in a way that hurt her.”.. Okay. Keep inserting larger values for the million. Keep inserting. You’re not going to find a number at which I’d take the deal.

See, to me, *that* is what love is like. You want the person you love to *not be hurt*. This would seem to be kind of basic, love 101, not advanced love, not anything that takes ideas more advanced than you’d expect to find in the mind of the average 10 year old. If the person *must* be hurt, you would want it to *not be your agency* that hurt them, or even your body. I’ve already got the somewhat awful situation of it’s the *idea* of me that’s hurting $person a little bit, because $person thinks I would do something I wouldn’t do. (Or maybe she doesn’t. I could write a whole novel on the subject of that.)

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  1. Steve Seman Says:

    I only have reference to your blog to understand who you are over the past 20 years. You say you don’t want to hurt said person, but like a moth to the flame, you apparently inject yourself into said persons life and she experiences some kind of emotional trauma. You may have the best intentions, but you should know by now that you hurt said person when you do these things. I don’t think you are intentionally hurting said person, but her perceptions cause your presence in her life to be painful. I have hurt many people in my life due to my lack of common sense, but I have learned if I stop doing certain things I quit hurting others. I was a major prick in Virginia and didn’t want to be anymore, so I moved to a small town where I wasn’t influenced by the rat race in the DC area. I feel I have moved from being a prick to only being an asshole. I am still working on downgrading from asshole to just being me…

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