Input filters and whether we’re setting ourselves up

So, as I rant about conservatives, one thing that worries me is that I may be somewhat a victim of confirmation bias, or worse yet, input enhancement.

I’ve talked before about how every adhrent to every religion sees their religion validated in the world – and my theory that part of how this is achieved is by filtering out all the data that is obviously inconsistent with their beliefs. At times I worry – as one does – that the reason I see all this horrible behavior from conservatives is that I have come to expect it – and I’ve come to expect it because I’ve seen it, and I’ve got a self-reinforcing suboptimal setup for my input filters.

The challenge there, of course, is to expect something other than what I’ve seen.

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  1. bunne Says:

    The other is to not lose sight of individualism. When you reduce people to whatever label either they or you, slap on them, you lose sight of and dismiss their humanity. “Our guys rule, your guys suck” is the bedrock of divisiveness and collapsing cultures.

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