The windows 10 nightmare

So, this is a great article that I think sums up why I think windows 10 – and MacOs 11 – are both heading straight into dystopian land. Big corporations believe that it’s their computer, not yours, and thanks to Citizens United, those big corporations own the government as well.

(one of my friends immediately equates me saying this with me being a Trumpian Antimasker who believes the Hollywood Elites and Liberal Academia are responsible for all the ills of the world – and I really don’t think it’s the same thing at all. Trumpanzees and antivaxers believe in things which are *not true* – I believe in something which is *demonstrably* true, which is that Microsoft has placed themselves in a position to install software on your computer without your knowledge or consent and is steadily abusing this position more and more. You *cannot* remove Edge from Windows 10. Nor a whole long list of other applications. Microsoft sincerely believes it is their computer, not yours. Even scarier, in S mode you cannot install Chrome)

At this point I am *hoping* Microsoft screws up in some way which results in bricking millions of windows PCs, because at least that will get the government to notice how scarily dictatorship-like their position is over the desktop market. In the meantime, I will keep running windows 7,

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  1. omcn Says:

    I have heard of an OS call Linux. Not sure if that is how you spell it. I think that is the name. I am still using windows XP myself. I love how fast and responsive windows is running on my laptop from 2005. Never a single update or malware. It only takes 10 minutes to boot and about 5 minutes for any webpage to load. AH, I just love how many web sites are still supported in internet explorer. I donno I hear that linus or linux is neat. Some guy uses it with 6 monitors and does a bunch of IT stuff. His name is like flicka or something odd. Flicka Knicka maybe? Anyway, If you are serious about all this IT stuff. I think it is called Linix.

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