“Your card has been declined”..

Words that send fear into the heart of every user of debit cards.

My bank recently decided to reissue my debit card as a mastercard instead of a visa – not something that I really understand, but okay – and (grr) turned off my old card without waiting for me to activate my new one. Well, okay, so it’s been like two weeks since I got the letter, but still.. what if I’d been out of the country? I really feel like they ought to keep the card working until the expiration date if it is at all technically possible..

(And now I have to worry about which automatic billing things are broken, too. Grr. Grr. Grr.)

I took a test on the web for ADD today – Cutoff is 20, and I had 61 points. Which may explain why I’m writing a journal entry instead of writing code that needs to be done by tomorrow night.

2 Responses to ““Your card has been declined”..”

  1. asterjolly Says:

    Washington Mutual? They did the same thing to me only i WAS out of the country and didn’t know until i got back. Luckily, I just happened to get back a few days before they shut the old card off.

  2. goamaki Says:

    yea, I had the switch to VISA too…what a pain in the arse that was to change all my direct withdrawl shit.
    Darren has ADD…he’s got that “should be writing code and not playing WOW” thing. 😉

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