yeah, so..

I apologize for the ruminations about god and other undiscussable topics. Actually, no, I don’t really, because it’s my fucking journal and you all can tune out whenever you like. Yeesh. Get a spine, Sheer!

It being my journal, I’m also allowed to talk to myself in it. That’s good, because talking to myself seems to be something I do a lot of. I wonder if that’s a sign of some serious mental abherration. If so, it will just have to deal.

I had a really good conversation with my mother today. This is suprising to me because it’s taken me a long time to get my relationship with her to where it was possible to have a really good conversation with her.. this is neither her nor my fault, I think, but just sort of how the world works. I mean, not suprisingly, I’m very different from my parents (although I can certainly see traits of both of them in me) and so I think sometimes it’s a little difficult for them seeing what I am, and me seeing what they are.

But, we’re approaching friendship.. I have yet to reach the point where I feel I can email my various ruminations to my dad (and I’d hate to think what he’d make of my LJ.. sooner or later I’m sure he’ll find it – and then, if he’s anything like me, he’ll probably read it cover-to-cover. So, Hi, Dad! Figured you’d get here sooner or later. You’re welcome to read my thoughts.. all of you, my friends, my parents, whoever.. but remember this is still *my* journal. Sometimes I’m gonna talk about hairy stuff, drugs, religion, sex, and other topics you might not enjoy, because I think a lot about a lot of those things.. Sorry. That’s just how I am. Wait a second. Why the fsck did I just apologize for how I am IN MY OWN JOURNAL! SHEER! STOP IT! STOP! STOP! STOP!

Okay. Just had to get that out of my system.

I was friended by a user named . I liked their top post, so I friended them back, but I really am wondering who they are, and if they’re connected in any way with BVC (bad vibes crew).

Who knows.

Catch ya all tomorrow for more fun, games, and adventures. Tomorrow is mostly a work day, although I do plan to catch the LoFi party..

2 Responses to “yeah, so..”

  1. cori_chronicles Says:


    sometimes i apologize for my rants too, but yeah, it’s your journal, and you say what you want, dammit! 🙂

    (hi sheer’s dad!)

    i totally relate about the parental friendship thing. i’m in this place myself, although i think in a different way, as you’ve been pretty independent from them for at least a decade, i think. different situation, same results maybe? i dunno. anyway.

    besides, it’s all just electron data. *giggle and dance around maniacally*

    *hugs too*

  2. goamaki Says:

    this is a great post! 🙂
    I don’t think that “bad vibes” guy is the seattle one, hehe…it says he’s from Japan in the profile! woohoo!

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