Ye gods..

Well, I just woke up (3 hours later than I expected to, but that’s a good thing I guess) – after having what has to qualify as the world’s weirdest nightmare. It had everything.. really good sex, dead pregnant mothers that when their bodies were exhumed turned out to have no babies..

I wish I could remember the whole thing – it would have made a _great_ book a-la steven king. A lot of it was set in Arkansas – it started out with a news story..

Pity, it’s gone like a soap bubble. I’ve been having lots of nightmares lately..

So today I’m going to clean the basement (heh heh heh) and figure out how I managed to break A$ in a attempt to fix it. (Important lesson here: it’s a bad idea to send off software without testing it first. I wonder what I did this time..)

(I already knew about it being a bad idea to send off software without testing it – this is akin to building a computer and putting the case on without testing it – it virtually guarentees it won’t work. Don’t believe me? Obviously you’ve never built a computer..)

But I’m awake, sort of – and thinking about breakfast.

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