Yay for wireless headphones OR Lathe Plaster Is Evil

In Seattle, I tried several brands of wireless headphones, looking for something that would set me free from the perpetual annoyance of tangled cords. I didn’t find anything that even remotely fit my needs – whenever I turned my head, the signal would degrade to mono and/or static.

(I wish someone would make digital spread spectrum wireless headphones. Actually, someone probably does – they just probably cost a bit more than I’m willing to spend..)

Anyway, after moving to CA, I found a pair and decided to try them out. Mysteriously, without all the reflections caused by the lathe plaster hung on chicken wire, they work wonderfully 😉

Only downside is that they are rechargable…

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  1. ClintJCL Says:

    Model# of the working wireless headphones? My $90 recotons i bought in 1997 have great range, but once again — turn your head, static. SUCKS

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