WSHR Signoff

Those of you who have listened to WSHR know that I often sign off with Brahm’s Lullabye. I wrote some quick words to it, and recorded this acapella number just for you all. 😉


So goodbye and goodnight
May your journey go onward
May your dreams all take flight
Thank you for your time this night
So Goodbye and goodnight
Though we wish you could stay
So Goodbye and goodnight
May you sleep in peace tonight

So goodbye and goodnight
May your love light your way
May you find all you need
Every single day
With good friends and good cheer
May your loves all stay near
With good times and good memes
May you sleep with pleasent dreams

So goodbye and goodnight
We always hate to leave you
It’s so good to see you there
So good to receive you
So goodbye and good night
Hope you had a good time
So goodbye and goodnight
See you all again sometime

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