What I’m up to.. (web links edition)

Well, today I had all sorts of fun with http://www.whitehouse.gov/openforquestions/. I doubt if I’ve changed the world, but at least I got to post my questions. (A few of them anyway..) and read and vote on the questions of others (mostly good, although people are really stupidly obsessed about this birth certificate thing. Who cares? He’s doing the job. Do *you* want to be POTUS? I sure don’t..

Kayti introduced me to Girl Genius, and while I really, really wish I could find naked pics of her (I searched and searched. The internet has failed me. It’s supposed to be a infinite pr0n generator, but there’s no luscious nudie pics of either Agatha Heterodyne or Ferretina anywhere that I could find) the comic is sometimes funny, always beautifully drawn, and just plain wonderful. “Fools! I will destroy you all! Ask me how.”

This of course led to me rediscovering the humor of Tom Smith, filksinger extraordinaire. Very funny. Death Sheep 8 – Baaaah!

Other than that, I’m planning on going out tonight to the K1Speed EV Go-Kart racetrack in Anaheim tonight, which should be entertaining.

Kayti has been reworking Numbermining’s web site – or rather, giving it a web site at all. I especially love Allie Cat’s resume. As you can see, at the moment we’re not taking ourselves too seriously, which makes me happy. Like having to cut my hair to get a job, having to have a company web site that contains no jokes, cuteisms, or sheerisms would make me very sad.

Sadly, I missed the news about this little event. Very, hmm, funny?

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