What I’m up to..

Kayti points out that I haven’t really posted anything about my life in several months. There isn’t really a lot new to mention – I’m still trying to get MetricMind to get me a replacement cable for my EV (apparently the company that made the original cables has been bought out, which caused all sorts of confusion). We’re thinking of moving in May or June to someplace slightly cheaper – or at least someplace that has central air. My court case finally resolved.. I’m pretty sure that I’m out a significant chunk of money even if I don’t need any further physical therapy, but for a wide variety of reasons that I will document at some later date, my lawyer thought that probably the settlement I got was about as good as I was going to do. I hate insurance companies, I hate the U.S. legal system. Nothing new there, though.

I’m moderately hopeful that the current economic collapse will help bring us one step closer to a world with a more sensible way of handling resource allocation. I still hate money. I still like Barrack, although I still can’t pronounce his name right and probably just mispelled it. I still love my cat, Allie, and he’s still adorable and (unfortunately) very sharp and a destruct-o-matic kitten-47. I’m still working on a web 2.0 application for a startup, and getting very close to beta on it. I’ve only got two clients (as opposed to five a few months ago) so I’m looking for some more peicemeil work to fill in the holes. I am still hopeful that sometime in the near future I can get a job writing software for EVs or AFVs. I’m still trying to get up the energy to drag the rack of recording gear (A/D converters, tube preamps, and the like) to the living room where all the rest of the music gear has gone so I can start recording. I’m hoping sometime soon to buy a friend’s x86 mac and move my music recording software to x86 mac as it’s looking increasingly likely that the x86 macs are more reliable than their G4 cousins.

Hm. I’m not sure what else to say. Me and Kayti keep discussing our wedding plans, off and on, and while I sometimes feel like I can’t breathe whenever we talk about such planning, I’m starting to look forward to it. I think. I’m slowly financially recovering from the last 3 months of 2008.

I’m hoping to have paid off all my credit cards in June of ’09. I’m trying to decide between several excessive expendatures to do after having done so 😉

I haven’t been tracking the social internet as well as I’d like.. it’s been weeks since I’ve read my LJ friends page – although I’ve been doing moderately good at watching facebook. I’m developing sort of a love-hate relationship with facebook – I love the people that the site has attracted – many friends from a wide variety of my life – but I pretty much hate what the site itself does. 😉 I wish I could get the same people in a livejournal feed. Actually what I want is something halfway in between the many paragraphs of LJ and the single-line updates of facebook – and with better privacy controls than facebook has – and less confusing ones.

I also want a world in which people don’t get fired for what their facebook photos show. I think it’s pathetic that anyone would be fired because facebook showed them naked in a hot tub or smoking a bong. Part of what’s wrong with this universe in my opinion.

I’m dreading my taxes, but I’ve started the process of calculating them already. Also, I dread them less than last year’s, because I think Barrack is likely to do more things I *agree* with with the money. Less machines for killing people, more machines for making people’s lives easy and wonderful. 😉

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  1. ClintJCL Says:

    I really doubt Barack is going to make less killing machines.

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