What am I waiting for?

Someone asked in my journal comments section, ‘What, you haven’t left yet? What are you waiting for?’

It’s a good question. Especially since as we all know, when a country goes down the tubes and turns into a police state, it often becomes very difficult to leave. Obviously, if I had any common sense, I’d be catching one of the lifeboats out of the sinking ship U.S.S. USA.

But I don’t have any common sense. I’ve proved that time and time again. Common sense would imply that you don’t build your own EV just because you can’t buy one – common sense would imply that you don’t write things that might annoy the powers that be – common sense says don’t rock the boat because you’re sitting in it..

Did anyone catch Michael Moore at the Oscars? (I’m sure most of you did, or have heard of it). When asked why he said the things he did, he said – and I quote – ‘Because I am an American’. Nothing else. When asked ‘That’s all’, his reply? ‘That’s a lot.’

The idea of being run out of my country by a bunch of disguisting, pathetic, lying, cheating, murdering politicos rankles me beyond belief.

I didn’t even want to be run off of my bit of sidewalk at a antiwar protest in LA – it was only a combination of the inconvenience of being arrested in another state and the fact that I was so thirsty I thought I was going to faint that caused me to leave. [Yes, that’s right, in LA the cops stated that we could not stand peacefully on the sidewalk. We weren’t blocking traffic, we weren’t breaking things – but apparently, our first amendment right to peacefully assemble is no longer valid. Another casualty of Bush’s war]

I don’t like being run off. I’m stubborn. I admit it.

So, caller, there’s your answer. The reason I haven’t left yet is because I’m stubborn and I have no common sense. Make sense?

One Response to “What am I waiting for?”

  1. jdcatron Says:

    Because near as I can tell, there’s nothing that says that folks who are pro-war, or conservative, or patriots by their own definitions, have more right to live in this country than anyone else.

    Last time I looked, the only requirements were to have been born here, be born to parents who are american citizens (or be adopted by same), be naturalized, or have appropriate documentation for your stay.

    Since you were born to parents who are U.S. citizens, you have exactly as much right as any other U.S. citizen to be in the United States. Just because certain parties keep asserting that U.S. citizens who disagree with them no longer should live here, doesn’t mean that they are right.

    Not to mention, if everyone who disagrees with Bush leaves the country, we’ll be leaving him and people who like him in power. I personally don’t find that acceptable. That’s just me, though.

    The arrogance of the ‘well leave the country then’ thing bugs me. As if you can only have a home, a family and a life if you are pro war. Gar!

    Have you seen that bit of spam about the deck of 52 weasles. That really pisses me off too.

    The U.S. is one of those things that’s really cool in theory. The practice, however… Well, maybe humans just suck.


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