The motorcycle that I purchased against Phoebe’s advice – which got driven a total of ten miles – is now out of my life. I feel 250 lbs lighter.

Also the folding bicycle that Mark Anthony left here.

I’m trying to get rid of the scooters that were collatoral for a loan that was never repaid. I’d like to be down to one electric scooter – the one that Phoebe won from Echo for me, which is still my favorite although I think it would have trouble with my current weight. Actually, I’d really like one based on that design but with a few functional improvements. I could make suggestions. 😉

Alex, my new UU minister friend, or more to the point his church, might take my oldest passive system. It’d be nice to think it was getting used somewhere, because I’m sure not likely to use it with all my Kwalitee Mackie gear.

(i’ve been thinking.. if the tax man ever comes to foreclose, or the bank, or whoever, I do NOT own a recording studio or a sound system. That gear is all borrowed. You all will just have to figure out who’s it really is. Cuz I’m clueless as to who I borrowed it from)

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