To the tune of ‘Waiting for the end’

This is not the future

This is not the past

This is a time forever that always will last

This is not the beginning

This is not the end

This is a world that always starts from within

Singin ‘Yeah’, with our hands in the air

Feeling the love like invisible air

Waiting for a world without end or beginning

Waiting for the time that starts the living

We can fly with our souls set free

We can open all the cages

Tortured minds go free

We can open all the locks

We’ll throw away all the keys

We  have no need to hide

We can let the world see


Waiting for then to fade

Waiting for now to be

This is what we want to see

No barriers at all

Waiting for life to come

singing through our veins

all the melodies refrain

waiting for the sun

Singing ‘Yeah’ with our hands in the air

Light illumating all the paths laid bare

Open up the doors and let the light creep in

Beyond all ending is where the world began

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