To clarify..

Kayti doesn’t actually neccesarily think being adopted has caused a negative impact in her life. Other people are of the opinion that it has and have told her that and she has talked about it with me which set me to thinking and worrying and whatnot.

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  1. goamaki Says:

    I think you have to be raised with a positive spin on adoption, in order for it not to have a mostly negative impact on you, later in life. Muschi is adopted, and was constantly treated as different, or an outsider. And he felt it himself as well. Another friend of mine in Canada was adopted from the Vietnam War, and she was raised by parents who valued her culture, taught her she was special, and boosted her self esteem. We all know what Muschi has struggled with. My friend, Mai, from Canada is a well-balanced soul…
    I don’t know what kayti has been through. But if she’s struggling with some issues from her past, perhaps there’s someone she can talk to. How can we move forward, if we’re still living in our past? Talking about things will you may help somewhat, but of course there are things that you might not be aware about that someone else can help her with.
    Best of luck to you and her. *hugs

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