It’s occuring to me that microsoft isn’t really equipped to deal with a protest the size of the ones that happened in Seattle before.

If I ever had any doubt that the evil empire was evil – and I admit, for a while I did – well, there’s no doubt any more.

What can I do to singlehandedly help destroy microsoft corperation? Any ideas?

2 Responses to “this..means..war..”

  1. kayti23 Says:

    Exercise patience, from how I read it… Exercise patience –> excise patents?

  2. randomdreams Says:

    That’s a good start. Getting rid of software patents would be a great thing.

    I like mentioning that I can go anywhere on the net and download anything I want without having to worry about spyware/viruses. Also that I have a free, very nice DVD player/ripper and a great graphics manipulation program or three, and … a lot of other software.

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