thankful for..

1) That I’ve been gifted with the love of three wonderful women (well, now two women and one man, but, um… originally..) who have taught me lots of things about the world, and led me to many moments of happiness, and given me many wonderful memories. Thanks, , and

2) That I’ve found a couple of online net communities that really do feel like homes to me, Lambda and Brigandine.

3) That I’ve got a good job that enables me to work with my friends and mentally challenges me, and that I have the freedom to leave that job whenever I choose

4) That I’ve gotten a chance to hang out with my family, and learn more about where I came from and what they are.

5) That I’ve been able to acquire skills to play the music that I love, and I’ve found talented and driven individuals to play it with me.

6) That I’ve been able to basically walk away from a freeway-speed accident with nothing but some headaches to show for it.

7) That I’ve resumed communications with a friend who has helped me feel enormously better about myself and the world. Thanks,

8) That I’m honored to have skilled computer geeks like , brilliant artists like , amazing DJs like , photoshop wizzes like , brilliant game people like , amazingly good people like , astrophysics gurus like , geology whizzes like , good singers like Esen and , people who understand humans well like , and hotties like as my friends. In short, I’m thankful for my friends. You all rule! I’ve never felt like I had such a good web of people communicating with me before. And this list doesn’t even include people like Jesiah or Shepard or Owen or Kirk or all the other many people I see every few weeks at parties..

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  1. goamaki Says:

    mmm, what an awesome post. 🙂 we all love you!!!

  2. cori_chronicles Says:

    I’m honored to have you as my friend, too. I admit, sometimes I’m frustrated when I really want to talk to you but you’re in a whirlwind of busy things. But my life is different for knowing you, in good ways. I am really proud of the music you are making, and am glad that you found cool people to make it with. I’ll be rooting for you to make it to the top!

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