Well, I’m still here. I realize I haven’t had much to say of late – that’s because I’ve been in a strange sort of mental stasis. I guess I was avoiding actually thinking in the hopes that if I stopped, my life would go away. Or something.

I’m again working on the software for the mk3 boards, after quite a while of slacking. And has gained a average of one feature a day – at the current rate, in another year or so it might actually be pretty good.

Met with what may become my band the other day. Kind of a unusual situation – we all played every instrument.. [as in, I did one song on guitar, one song on drums, and a few songs on keys.. ] – I liked the vibe, and both the guitarist and the drummer seemed smart and leftward-inclined.

Speaking of leftward-inclined, I got a call from the guitarist from my *old* band [old here meaning when I was 18 or so].. I’m starting to think northern virginia poisens people’s minds. First Leeper, and now him – The quote I like the most is ‘I hate to think what would have happened if Gore had been president for Sept. 11th – he probably wouldn’t have done anything’.

Um, exactly.

So, let’s see.. which is better – killing a bunch of innocent people through disrupting aid efforts while completely failing to kill your target, or doing nothing.

Hrm. That’s not a very hard one, now is it?


In other news, I note with some amusement that all of my doomsaying of past years is finally coming around, and the stock market is falling like a rock. Whups, I guess it wasn’t just the dot coms after all. In fact, as it turns out, some of the non-dot-coms were bigger con jobs than the dot coms.

I find george bush talking about financial accountability and responsability rather comic, though – I mean, here we have a guy who would almost certainly be doing time for a long list of things if the public ever found out a list of his crimes.


3 Responses to “Survival?”

  1. jcurious Says:

    nope.. not .coms but utility… the once “sure thing” in stocks… personaly I think a simplified tax and income reporting system is what we need.. starting with a flat tax (yea.. there are other ideas that don’t involve income tax.. but lets just do one thing at a time).. blah

  2. jcurious Says:

    Geee.. if gore were president we wouln’t even be able to see him speak:


  3. slog Says:

    this is why I hated college.

    I was paying someone else to squelch all of my freedoms. Uh, no thanks.

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