In order to improve life for all humans on the planet, we should let all Federal Agents go home with pay. In fact, we should MAKE them go home with pay.

Face it, we don’t need cops that report to the federal government. Cops should always report to and be accountable to the local community. Otherwise, we end up with tragedies like the drug war.

In fact, I’m inclined strongly to disband the federal government and call a constitutional convention. Invite *anyone*. Publicize it widely, use wiki technology and data terminals in public libraries to rebuild the constitution, making it take into account modern viewpoints and modern technology. Not that the original constitution isn’t a work of art.. but look around us. People being shot, people afraid to leave their houses.. the original constition was a great idea, but it doesn’t scale very well to 280 million people. We need a better document, and I think both the Left and Right know it, in their bones. The ‘net and birth control and a bunch of other technological innovations changed the rules.

What’s needed first is a very hard, deep look at what money is, what control is, and why authority is dangerous

But then, this is coming from someone who would largely restrict parental authority over children, who can not deal with any authority that isn’t friendly and on his side, and who thinks that the cold war people should all be ashamed of themselves and every single one of them should help to dismantle this mess of atomic bombs that they put togeather.

New rule: You can only launch a atomic bomb if you are willing to first fly to the location and stand at ground zero while the strike occurs.

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