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Watched a interesting video on the net today, courtesy of a friend of mine..

click here to see some cleverly edited footage of the events of Sept 11, along with a question or three we might want to address sooner or later.

One of the things I’ve discovered, much to my suprise [and yes, this is a change of topic] is that there are actually a few television shows with some redeeming qualities. That is, when you download them from morpheus with all the advertising removed. So far, supringly good shows include The Simpsons [suprisingly political, suprisingly left. No wonder my parents hated it ;-)] and Star Trek: The Next Generation. [Suprisingly right on about human nature. I guess it’s social training for geeks or something. Seriously, though, download and watch a few episodes, you’ll find it very refreshing.]

That said, I still am not going to be running out and buying a television set. At some later date, I’ll detail why NTSC is evil and television is physiologically addicting. But for the moment, just accept that I have my reasons. Besides, I’ve got a 36″ SVGA monitor. 😉

More later.

finally on day schedule. Whoopee.

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