song idea..

Last blackberries of the summer
Bittersweat, like my memory
A time to push things forward
A time to let things be
I build forward from each moment
Looking up into october skies
Time to lay this dream down to rest
It hurts, like all goodbyes


But there’s a time to turn backwards
And a time to look ahead
Taste the last drops of sunshine
Kill the ghosts in my head

Last kisses from a lover
Bittersweet, like all we see
Touch etched forever in motion
Love’s sweet sweat in memory
Turn to face the horizen
Of the things still left undone
Wish her happiness forever
And wish me healing, for the next one..


First smile from a new friend
Know it’s time to open up and fly
My life will move ever onwards
Hard as it is to say goodbye
With each new face I encounter
I fear the loss of my past
But my true friends always come around
Love is the only thing that lasts


Until we die
No need to say goodbye
Sometimes have to hide our faces
Sometimes hurts too much try
Until tomorrow
I’ll be standing in the rain
Sun sets on this love
But I can hold up..
And I can learn to love again..


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