Thanks to the modern development of mental hospitals having computer terminals, we can now see postings from sheer when he’s crazy. Since apparently I have to spend some small portion of my life not entirely all there.. (we can hope that with the advent of my new, less chemically enhanced life these will be fewer and further between, but this may not in fact be the case, it’s difficult to say).. but somehow it amuses me to no end that I have LJ posts from when I was crazy

I have LJ posts from when my memory wasn’t even sequencing anything remotely close to right. This is just *funny*.

We’re coming up on four years of Sheer LJ – I wish that I’d been introduced to the concept earlier than that, as I do find looking back over my LJ enlightening at times. I suppose if I were really ont he ball, I would have been one of those kids who kept a diary.. but I’ve always been too busy poking my nose into various bits of technology to do anything that sensical.

I should go browse on sourceforge and see what scary bits of software are being developed today.

Far too much to take in here..

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  1. brassratgirl Says:

    well, yes. you of course were totally convinced that you were on top of the world & had it all figured out.

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    And isn’t this true of all religious people?

    Would be nice if it were actually that simple. ‘Follow this list of instructions’. The problem is that the prerequisite is never thinking again. Not a viable option for me.

  3. brassratgirl Says:

    Yeah, I suppose so. I suppose I should have thought harder about why it was worrisome to me that you were suddenly convinced you “had religion” last winter — instead I figured your normal self would kick in at some point, which I suppose did happen *eventually*….

    In re: list of instructions — I think we’re both rather glad there’s not one, because what if you disagreed? I think it is possible to take parts of various lists of instructions for normal day-to-day purposes, though, because if you have to figure everything out all the time then you will go completely nuts.

    I thought it was totally interesting that there are now computers in the mental ward. I wonder if this is good or bad? Good because it gives people a way to communicate with the outside world because it’s isolating… bad because … hmm, I guess all my friends who have gone nuts have been a little bit neurotic about computers, but I suppose this is not true of the general population.

    Anyway. 🙂

  4. goamaki Says:

    I Love looking back at my old diaries and going, “omg, Lara, you were so naive and stoopid.”

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