Okay. I’ve come to terms with it. Religion was written to control us, by people who were not superior to us. It takes advantage of several inherent weaknesses in our instinct-set.. (humans don’t have very good security on what we believe, or even what DNA fragments we’ll copy.. I guess we were written before uberparanoia was necessary.)

I can now hate Christianity in peace. (Which doesn’t mean that I hate all, or even any, Christians. I just hate the informational virus that nearly drove me mad and brought much negative emotion into my life. I think that’s a reasonable thing to do.)

The sad thing is it was almost good. If Jesus could have had the nerve to disavow what had gone before as not a sample of the behavior of a superior life form..

.. then they just would have edited his words out when they wrote the book anyway.

I don’t know who this ‘they” is. Presumably they were good men acting for the best of reasons – I mean, aren’t we all? 😉 – but nonetheless ..

So, the next challenge is, given the lack of a bible, how do I write one? I suppose everyone really has to author their own sooner or later.

I’ve started by trying to isolate what root concepts strike me as good and bad. Perhaps I should be starting by rejecting the concept of good and bad altogeather, but I can’t do so because it’s inherently in my nature to see rightness in some things and wrongness in others.

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