One of my counterarguments to the athiests [not that I deny your right and indeed responsibility to believe whatever you think is right, but just that I like to play with ideas] is that it seems really insane to think that we’re the largest and most powerful organized systems out there. It seems like we’d already be dead from nuclear war or something if this were true.

But, perhaps I just suffer from a want for there to be something beyond me, because the idea that a bunch of people like me are running the universe is a little scary.

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  1. curious Says:

    I’m assuming that when your talking about our “organized systems” your talking about stuff on earth… I strongly doubt that we are the only “system” in existence, the universe is MASSIVE, Check this out if you haven’t:
    Hubbard deep field in 3D

    I highly doubt we are the only system, much less the only thing out there…

    Also, beyond the dimensions we know understand, there could be many more:

    Finally, I don’t think “seems really insane” is not a good argument for anything – most of todays technology would “seem really insane” to someone in the 40s and “seem impossible” to someone in the early 1700s

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