Primaility fun

Okay, so I’m in the process of writing several tools to manipulate prime numbers (in between moving, doing my paying work, working on music, packing, and several other projects, so it’s mostly been slow going)

My goal: To find a equation that given prime P, will find the next prime Q, less expensively than having to factor. Yes, I know this is a fool’s errand. But I generally need a problem to give me a excuse to learn anything, and this is helping me learn about number theory.

(And yes, I do intend to return to my fusion research at a later date, and yes, I am still working on the car, and yes, I do understand that I have a problem with working on too many projects at once)

(To put it mildly)

Actually, here’s my current active projects list, in no particular order

0) Work
1) Two songs for my mother
2) Get back bass guitar ability
3) Pack
4) Move
5) Unpack
6) Prime number research
7) Battery pack exchange on car
8) BMS software R3

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  1. anonymous Says:

    Yep. One of the things I think we both have most in common. Too many irons in the fire at all times. Nothing ever seems to really get done. On the up-side this also means never having to worry about being bored, there’s always SOMETHING that just needs to be done. With enough variety it’s tough to get tired of it all.

    Makes me feel like I’ve got adult A.D.D. sometimes. :-/

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