Obviously a overdone topic..

But I can’t resist, so I’m going to mention.

In my mid-teens, I helped a friend pick out a computer – a 286 – and then dumped the contents of my hard disk onto it so I could install stacker. (Big mistake, but that’s another story). The process included moving 40 megabytes from one disk to another, and then back to the first. We did it over a RS232 cable.  It took about 4 hours each way.

My recent backup and restore was interesting in that the backup averaged 40 megabytes a second, and the restore a little over 80.

Yes, that’s right. It’s not enough that we can carry around a mini-SD card the size of your pinkie that stores 20 times the data of my first – full height, 5.25, 10 lb – hard disk – not only that, we can move the entire contents of my first hard disk in less than a second.

Just think how the people 20 years behind me must feel. Of course, on the other side, at least their computers hadn’t achived levels of complexity that start making them look like thinking beings.

By the way, a quiz question for the geeks out there – if you were going to hypothetically build a video editing workstation, what type of PC would you use, these days?

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