Noticably not a rant about religion

Post Christmas and depths of January I think we all need a bit of cheering up.

So… Reply to this post, and I’ll tell you one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love. (Stolen from )

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  1. don_diego Says:



  2. kentuckyjade Says:


  3. anghouedd Says:

    I hardly ever participate in these things, but this could be intriguing.

  4. sheer_panic Says:

    You’re always enthusiastic in sharing your views about the universe and the things you’ve learned about how it’s put togeather.

    You’re a great person to go to music events with.

    You’re one of the smartest people I know.

  5. sheer_panic Says:

    You have a awfully cute LJ icon, and your journal is beautifully themed and very appealing to the eye.

    You are a good influence on me from time to time in the things you talk about in your journal – I almost never find the things you say upsetting, and sometimes they *poke* me to remind that I should be running my life a little better. 😉

    Also, I love the phrase ‘the Man’ used in a positive context. It’s a nice juxtaposition from normal reality. (I think that’s the word I wanted..)

  6. sheer_panic Says:

    You are one of my earliest positive memories of California. Even though our friendship has had some decidedly odd moments – a lot of them sponsered by my mental issues, which I appologize for exposing you to – it’s almost always been a source of happiness for me. I miss you, and hope that you’re well wherever you are.

    You’re a fun person to take a road trip with.

    Also, you have a really cool set of reletives, even if they might like felines just a li-itle too much.

  7. anonymous Says:

    Me Please! (I am the person who suggested the MarkerTek video baluns). Actually you’ve known me and met me in person and I must say that I find it somewhat interesting that you haven’t spoken to me or IM’d me in a few years.

  8. sheer_panic Says:

    I still don’t know who you are! I’m guessing Qaz, so here’s my answer for Qaz:

    You’ve got a very good collection of technical knowledge, and you’ve always been willing to share your ideas with me. You introduced me to many new technologies, including MP3 (and yes, I still feel guilty about taking that machine with me – if I’d known what was on it, I never would have done that). You’re one of the few friends I have who are conservative politically who I consider rational, which enables me to get a view of the world from the conservative viewpoint from time to time. And I enjoy your sense of humor.

  9. anonymous Says:

    Yes, it is I, the infamous Qaz, (although I don’t even use that alias anymore, anywhere).

    Thanks, and no, I barely remember that machine you took, or even what was on it (I’d hazard a guess that it had mp3s on it?).

    As far as politics go, I’m more of an independent. I actually voted for three independents over the republicans in the local elections (one of them resigned after only serving 3 months, but that’s another story..)

    Stop by sometime if you’re ever around.

  10. jcurious Says:

    ME TOO!!!

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