not that I think I am god..

Or not all of.

A subset. Sheer is a subset of god. If indeed god there be.

Vibe would tend to suggest that humans are networkable, at least in some sense. They may not be networkable the way computers are.. I can’t think a thought in the direction of someone else and have it arrive.. or at least, I don’t _think_ I can think a thought at someone else and have it arrive, although sometimes some very strange things do happen..

but the experience of vibe *to me* makes it reletively clear that humans are networkable. I can experience something that is larger and more expansive than I am.

[I still resent the fact that the RAVE act is a direct assault on the closest thing to a religion that I have. Whatever happened to the first amendment? If they passed the RAPE act.. [stop priests from raping young boys by finding their churches responsable and charging them millions of dollars] we’d never hear the end of it..]

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