News from the front.

Well, my parents should be happy, I watched the sun rise on Easter.

Hmm. Maybe not, actually.

I went to a really, really *kickass* party last night – the last one in the Parallex chain, and E/S really outdid themselves. Everyone was good, and the last DJ (DJ Treez) was awesome beyond compare. The vibe was definately there.. for me at least.

Think this is probably the best easter I have had as of yet.

I had a breif period, after watching a Peter Jennings special, of thinking I wanted to try E/MDMA (which has been on my ‘no’ list for a long time) after all. But then after talking to one of our neighborhood E dealers (who was very much enjoying it himself) I decided no, I don’t think I do. He said I would never feel happier than when I was on it – and something about the way he said it just creeped the hell out of me.

I have to admit, the idea of trying a new drug was exciting to me for a while. But, no dice, it goes back on the bad list. I can’t even say why.. it’s one of those bizarre quantitative things.

Besides, I watched a beautiful happy candy kid turn into a miserable wreck when the crash hits. I don’t think I need that – I like leaving the party still feeling good too much. I’ll stick with my own breeds of happiness, synthetic and natural – especially if that is a typical reaction.. staring out the window looking so miserable that there aren’t words for it. Mild depression my ass..

Actually, I had a major PLUR hangover today. (You know, urge to smile at everyone, calm, and the beat keeps sounding in your head..) but it was okay. I did another open mic at the LL, I sucked, but I didn’t even care that I sucked that much. Mostly, I wasn’t that afraid.

I’ve decided that the next thing my musical entorage needs is some voice lessons. There’s a friend of ‘s that gives them, maybe I’ll give him a try first. Breath control, mostly, I need breath control. I’m always running out of air, and that’s no good at all.

So I had at least a day and party of complete freedom from fear..

Actually, funny aside. I’m always worrying about my car getting broken into – my parents were big on worrying about that sort of thing, and they passed it on – but not once, but twice, I have stopped to get directions or something and then left the passenger window open, and then parked – once in one of the worst neighborhoods in L.A. (you know, the kind where every car has the Club) and again last night in downtown Seattle – and nothing bad has happened. This time, my cell phone was sitting on the seat in full view of anyone, and there was not so much as a single call on it that I didn’t make. And the time in LA, there was not one but two high-performance laptops in the backseat.

So I’ve concluded that people aren’t nearly so inclined to break into cars in cities as one might think.

Well, I better get to work.

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  1. rarkrarkrark Says:

    I parked my truck in Dorchester, with a broken passenger side lock (it didn’t, basically) for about three months before someone decided to take it. And drive it into a mercedes and abandon it in JP. I parked the saturn in the same place for more than six months and had no problems whatsoever.

    Since I fixed the lock and epoxied the cylinder lock in (next bastard will just have to hotwire it, I suppose) I’ve had no problems. What’s it been, six months or so? Well, no problems except for the idiot isuzu that crashed into it and ran off (I only know it’s an isuzu because they left bits of their car behind) but that’s not exactly theft.

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