New mail server

Well, I’ve been testing out a new mail server by teeing all my email to both it and the current live mail server.

The results are:

1) On the new mail server, one spam message leaked through the spam filter. On the old mail server, seventeen did.

2) The new mail server is approximately ten times faster (in terms of searching the inbox, opening folders, etc). It is in fact fast enough that it is practical to search all my old email.

3) It is now difficult to convince myself to open the old mail server.

So, I need to, sometime soon (possibly as soon as this weekend) shut down all access to both servers for a few hours so I can copy everyone’s mail over to the new machine.

This will nearly conclude my efforts to retire Gateway. Once this is done, all that needs to be done is to set up another server to take over DNS handling for Gateway – I will probably use one of my cobolt Raqs if I can get nsd to compile on them (which I probably can).

Also I need to reload the OS on my AIX machine (it came configured for graphics/3d work, which isn’t what I have in mind) and get it on the network.

Be nice to me or I’ll post a link that downloads Mischief Committee to your cell phone as a ringtone.

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