new house (yay!)

So, our landlady is selling our current house, and because I’m a complete and utter slob, we’ve decided to move rather than leave her with having to show the house with me living in it. 😉

We found a wonderful house in downtown long beach. This house features:

1) Lots more space than the current place.. about as much as the house in Seattle – which is good, because I’ve felt a little like I was inserted in the current house with a shoehorn. 😉

2) Older house – with nifty hardwood floors, stained glass windows, octagonal windows, bay windows, skylight, and other features found only in older houses. Tons of storage, handpainted dining room ceiling.. it’s a little on the dark side, but when I’ve retrofitted it with several thousand* watts of CF bulbs, I’m sure it’ll be quite nice. 😉

You all can look and see the pictures if you’re so inclined at These photos were taken by the real estate company and are both watermarked and lo-res, but they still give the general idea. Housewarming party TBD.

* = probably about 2. But several sounds more impressive.

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  1. Cygnostik Says:

    Son of a bitch! That’s a great find! Leave it to long beach to have some old places with style still standing. Those kick ass.

    I hate long beach in a lot of ways, especially because I’m an anti-LA biggot but it also has a lot of great potential. My friends wife used to live in LB and they had this KILLER chinese place down the street. I’ll have to try and find it & let you know, you’d probably like it. Maybe we could grab dinner there some time.

    Congrats on the good find. Can’t wait to see it.

    Bummer though how you’re right down the street from me all day and we never get to hang out. Though now we’d have little more than PCH or a couple freeways between us.

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