my poor Allie-cat, so very sick..

Allie had to go to the kitty E.R. tonight because he was visiting the cat-box several times an hour, unproductively. They’ve determined that he has a blockage in his urinary tract, and given him a catheter – he might be home tomorrow, or he might have to stay there until Monday. I am keeping my paws crossed for him to return soon, healthy and happy.

One thing that was kind of neat was that I got to see a X-ray of my catten, front and side view. If you’ve never seen a X-ray of a cat, it’s worth looking at – they’re sooo clearly built for speed, and to go through small holes. I googled trying to find a good example, but the best I could come up with is, which isn’t a particularly good one. Maybe I’ll ask them if I can borrow Allie’s X-ray when they’re done with it to scan it.

Kayti was a fount of cat knowledge, and I wonder how first-time cat owners manage to figure these things out without long-time cat owners to guide them along. I knew he was sick, but I wouldn’t have known that a UTI in a cat was a emergency-room-right-now thing, since in a human it’s just extremely uncomfortable.

I’m a bit dissapointed with our vet, and will probably look for another one, since when we called him earlier to tell him about Allie’s symptoms he told us it was a side effect of the pills he had prescribed for Allie’s self-mutalating tendancies (he licks his fur off sometimes) and that we should stop giving him them and everything would go back to normal. Normally I would forgive mistakes, but in this particular case I think we’re going to find a new vet, since this one could have killed him.

I finally finished a rewrite of a chunk of code I wrote last year, which feels good. Even better, the resulting rewrite is only about a third the size of the original code, and much less complicated, but manages to do *more*.

I miss my catten.

(Update: Kayti found a better X-ray at

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