Much to my astonishment..

apparently today the liberals are driving msn:


[Does anyone have any idea what msn’s bias is? It seems very inconsistant..]

2 Responses to “Much to my astonishment..”

  1. lucienne Says:

    Incredibly so– I’ve been reading it for the past few months to [identify with the sheep and] watch the fluctuations. There is no pattern. Weird, ne?

  2. jcurious Says: “regular” content is fairly wishywashy.. some of the reporters actualy seem to have a negative MS view on things.. others don’t.. Slate is an editorialish site.. the views there are typicaly the authors views.. they seem to pick things that will draw attention more then echo a common view.. clearly anti-war anti-kill-all-terrorist anti-give-up-rights-to-feel-safe views draw attention..

    ads and subscriptions (if any) is how slate makes money.. if noone feels compeled to read and/or send links to 100 other people saying “OMG WTF is this guy thinking?!?!” or whatever… they won’t get readers 😉

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