Moving and tigers and bears, oh my..

So, for those of you who are wondering why I haven’t been updating lately, it’s mostly because I’ve been in the process of moving. I’ve brought the first vanload down along with Kayti’s car – the drive was uneventful, possibly even fun in spots. I’m flying back to Seattle tomorrow to repeat the process – unfortunately, the rest of the house isn’t exactly packed yet, so part of what I have to do is pack my house in three weeks..

I also have to get cases for the music equipment that doesn’t have cases yet (mostly the MP-9000 and the DA-7), change the battery pack in my car (I’ve ordered the new batteries – I’m temporarily going to use a cheap lead-acid pack in order to let me work on my battery management system without worrying about damaging anything – I went with PowerSonic AGMs – yes, I know they’re not the best batteries in the world, but the price was right.. ), drag much stuff to the dump, juggle a bunch of credit cards, and not go crazy.


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