More code..

As a exercise while I was blocked on a coding problem for work, I wrote a streaming icecast client in Flex. This isn’t a particular accomplishment or anything, but I thought you all might find it amusing nonetheless. It’s the first step on the road to revamping Sheer Sound Studio’s web site – this particular one replaces the old wshr player, and is at

I’m not saying this is any great peice of code, and it’s blatently based on one written up elsewhere on the web (I should really dig up where..) – but here is a streaming mp3 player in flex, take one:

(p.s. the VU meter is pure Sheer. Cute, isn’t it? Next version will have it colorized. Or maybe i’ll throw in a spectrum analyzer? Nah, let’s not get too clever. Better to get around to doing the database driven music browser for sheersoundstudios.)

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