What would you want to do with me someday?



10 Responses to “Memesheep”

  1. heidianna Says:

    Play music, of course!

  2. panzer73 Says:

    Sit around and talk about music or whatever 🙂

  3. anghouedd Says:

    Go to Disneyland.

  4. ajcal225 Says:

    Drink a beer, and build something.

  5. lucienne Says:

    Take geeky, half-naked-boy pictures of you for my satire of porn.

  6. sheer_panic Says:

    [chuckles] like me naked with a ‘chastity laptop’ type? 😉

  7. lucienne Says:

    Sheesh, I was thinking in much more chaste terms! Like putting the front of your hair into silly anime-esque bommerang bangs and getting you covered in rose petals and cables…

  8. sati Says:

    Go on a week-long road trip.

  9. don_diego Says:

    Learn guitar from you. Maybe keyboard, too.

    Oh, and race cars. Zoom zoom.


  10. irisdragonfly Says:

    Definately you and I NEED to RAVE ALL NITE!!!!!
    Also, I would love to use you as a tour guide for my trip across the US….. I’d start my trip by picking you up in SEATTLE and we’ll see the Grand Canyon and ride donkeys, and see the largest ball of stamps and the tar pits and get a back scratcher from one of those dinosaur shaped museums….. have a moonlite picnic in Boston. Get a “POBODY’S NERFECT in IOWA” tshirt ….
    And I would still like for us to enjoy KENNYWOOD!!!!!(pgh’s big amusement park)

    *claps hands excitedly*

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