Maximum wage

So, I was watching a facebook meme which had Jessie Ventura suggesting that we should have a maximum wage. I agree with him, although I think I’d use a somewhat different implementation than he would.

This goes back to my ‘keeping score’ money idea. Basically, your wage should be capped at whatever you managed to spend in the past few years, run through a moving average filter, plus a bit of a cap. There should be a process for appealing that you have some project or idea that means you need to be able to spend more – after all, we don’t want to slow down the Teslas and Elon Munsks of the world – but normally, anything you earn beyond what you spent last year plus, say, 10%, goes into ‘keeping score’ money rather than ‘spendable’ money. There’d be a minimum at which this would take effect – probably somewhere around the 2% marker for overall wealth (so only the top 2% earners would ever have to worry about this)

This is a band-aid, a workaround for the fact that there’s not enough money in the system for the real-value, tangible resources in it, and the fact that our current system has a bunch of features that lead to almost all the money ending up in the hands of 1% of the users.

2 Responses to “Maximum wage”

  1. Alderin Says:

    “… the fact that our current system has a bunch of features that …”
    Um, you mean “bugs”, not “features”, right? 🙂

  2. Firesong Says:

    Sorry, I don’t usually do this, but…

    @Alderin: I’m pretty sure that the producer of the system gets to define what’s a bug and what’s a feature. So I have learned from Microsoft and Apple, anyway.

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